Sunday, September 26, 2021

Languages Forum Update September 2021

Some online activities and discussions that may be of interest. 


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Monday, August 30, 2021

ANU Language Teaching Forum

'Chinese Cultural Salon’ in the low proficiency modern Chinese language courses at ANU
  • 4.15-5pm Monday 6 September, 2021
  • Online via Zoom (email for the link)
  • Presenters: Yanyan Wang, Shuyu Zhang and Huan Wu
Teaching languages online is a challenge. The challenge is especially acute when teaching lower proficiency level students during Covid when remote delivery or dual delivery modes are adopted. It has resulted in a decrease in student numbers in the entry level courses of modern Chinese. In order to promote modern Chinese language courses, especially to enhance students’ learning experience, we have set up a ‘Chinese cultural salon’ in which we introduce China, Chinese specific topics and Chinese language learning tools. In this talk, we will introduce the salon and demonstrate how it works through two topics presented in the Salon: Chinese internet buzzwords and the top ten Chinese social media.

About the ANU Language Teaching Forum (LTF)
The LTF provides a platform for language teachers and researchers in CHL, SLLL and CAIS at the ANU as well as school and community school teachers in the Canberra region to share language teaching experiences and reflections, research studies, and pedagogical practices.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Languages Forum Update August 2021

 A update with some language-related news and local activities 


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    Monday, July 26, 2021

    Teaching Chinese language in a fast-changing world

    An ANU Language Teaching Forum talk by Dr Yun Zhou
    • Monday 2 August 4.15-5.15pm 
    • By zoom. For link contact
    • Free and all welcome 

    I started to convene Modern Chinese 6 (beginning advanced level) in 2020. The textbook titled “Reading into a New China” comes with a subtitle “Deciphering a Changing Society.” However, from the time when the textbook was published in 2017, more changes have taken place and COVID-19 just foregrounded the theme of change in a modern world. Coupled with the shift to online teaching due to the pandemic, I pay more attention to designing the course with up-to-date knowledge and utilising digital tools to create an engaging online learning environment. In my classes, students are immersed in tasks where they use newly learnt grammar points and vocabulary to comprehend current trends and rephrase using their own words. I firmly believe that the small departures from textbook sources to interpret and reflect on real situations not only instils vigour into language learning but also enhances students’ adaptability and resilience, teaching them how to adjust to new circumstances and environments. Through doing so, I came to think about teaching language as more of a way to comprehend a fast-changing world, both far and near.


    ANU Language Teaching Forum (LTF)

    The ANU LTF is organising monthly talks during Semester 2. The LTF is jointly organized by two ANU colleges, CAP and CASS, and provides a platform for language teachers and researchers at ANU as well as school and community school teachers in Canberra and Canberra region to share their language teaching experiences and reflection, research studies, and pedagogical ideas.

    Saturday, June 19, 2021

    Languages Forum Update June 2021

    A update with some language-related news and local activities 

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    Wednesday, May 19, 2021

    Conferences and Symposia related to Languages Education

    International Conference on Community/Heritage Language Education

    • Thursday 11 – Saturday 13 November 2021
    • Sydney Institute of Community Languages Education, University of Sydney 
    This conference will explore community/heritage language education and its key role in maintaining and developing intergenerational linguistic and cultural understandings. Bringing together researchers, school leaders, teachers, community members, parents and students, the conference will be organised in two strands. Strand 1 will focus on the latest research into community/heritage languages education. Strand 2 other will focus on effective classroom practice. 

    Featured speakers

    • Joseph Lo Bianco, Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.
    • Maria Carreira, professor at the University of California and co-director of the National Heritage Language Resource Center.
    • Vicky Macleroy, Reader in Education and Head of the Centre for Language, Culture and Learning at Goldsmiths, University of London.
    • Mahmoud Al-Batal, Professor of Arabic at the American University in Beirut.
    • Ingrid Piller, Distinguished Professor of Applied Linguistics at Macquarie University, Sydney.
    Call for papers, symposia and posters now open. Abstracts (250–300 words) due by 1 July 2021.

    For more information:

    Multiculturalism, multilingualism and culture-language education in Asia and the Pacific
    • Thursday 18, Friday 19, and Tuesday 25 November 2021
    • Mainly online symposium with possibility of some hybrid face-to-face participation.
    This symposium is interested in the socio-cultural-historical-political-economic-educational dimensions and challenges that multiculturalism/multilingualism pose in the modern context in Asia and the Pacific. These straddle intertwined themes such inter-ethnic relations, peace and harmony, indigenous minority rights, culture-language interrelation, culture-language maintenance, language and education policy, and local/regional ethnolinguistic economic vitality.

    Invited speakers
    • Prof Miriam Meyerhoff (Oxford University) [on multilingualism in NZ]
    • Dr Fiona Willans (The University of the South Pacific) [on multilingualism in the Pacific]
    • Prof Anthony Liddicoat (University of Warwick) [on multilingual education or language education policy in East and Southeast Asia]
    • Dr. Ruth Singer (University of Melbourne): [on the sociolinguistics of multilingual Indigenous Australian communities]
    • Prof Yongyan Zheng (Fudan University) [on multilingualism and language policy in China] 
    Call for abstracts (500 words max) open until Saturday 31 July 2021

    For more information: Wayan Arka (, Duck-Young Lee (, Carmel O'Shannessy (Carmel.O' or Yanyin Zhang (

    Decentring and Diversifying Languages and Cultures  - 6th National Colloquium of LCNAU (Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities) 
    • Wednesday 24 November - Friday 26 November 2021
    • a hybrid conference, online and in person The University of Queensland, St Lucia
    As we continue to adjust to a new (ab)normal reality and to tackle the many challenges faced by an increasingly vulnerable education sector, we invite colleagues to consider critically how the disruption of what it means to teach and research in the field of languages and cultures has been enacted in their own contexts.

    Call for Papers open until 28 June
    Submissions on topics addresses the colloquium theme particularly welcome - how de/re-centring strategies may have manifested and enhanced the diversification of our teaching and research practices to consider more accessible and inclusive approaches (taking into account questions of gender, race, social class, etc.). However, papers covering other aspects of praxis and lines of inquiry relating to languages and cultures, particularly at the tertiary level, will also be considered.

    Confirmed Keynote Speakers
    • Professor Felicity Meakins, ARC Future Fellow, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Queensland
    • Associate Professor Ursula Lanvers, Department of Education, University of York, York, UK
    • Dr Robyn Ober, IRC Fellow, Batchelor Institute
    For more details:


    Saturday, May 15, 2021

    Upcoming talks and workshops for language teachers

    Roundtable on Supporting Teaching Advanced Japanese in Australia
    • Wednesday 19 May 5pm
    Professor Chihiro Thomson (UNSW) and Associate Professor Claire Maree (UMelb) will discuss 
    • the ‘challenges’ and ‘strengths’ of Advanced Japanese language teaching in Australian Universities and
    • speak to their own approaches and initiatives such as;
      • Heritage Language Learning Project
      • Diversity in Japanese language education
      • Advanced learners as critical/proactive users
      • Connections with wider society – internships & mobility
    • Free and online 
    Hosted by the ANU Japan Institute, co-chaired by A/Prof Carol Hayes from ANU and A/Prof Ikuko Nakane from University of Melbourne and supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    For more information and to register:

    Three Masterclasses organised by the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools
    Free and online 

    1. Teaching Pragmatics: Creating context in the community language classroom.
    • Wednesday 26 May, 7pm to 8pm
    A workshop led by Dr Jill Murray, Honorary Lecturer from Macquarie University, exploring
    • the importance of the right kind vocabulary, grammar and communication for real-life language situations
    • pragmatics and its relationship to cultural awareness, knowledge values and beliefs
    • the importance of culturally appropriate politeness, directness and correct forms of address as well as knowing topics and behaviours to avoid.
    2. Using Book Creator to produce and share personalised multimedia eBooks
    • Monday 31 May 7-8pm
    3. Promoting formative assessment with (synchronous and asynchronous) quiz tools
    • Monday 7 June 7-8pm
    Workshops 2 and 3 presented by Joe Dale, an independent languages consultant from the UK

    To register and for more details: