Monday, May 23, 2011

From Dutch Language News, May 2011

1. Jongerenborrel Canberra

De Jongerenborrel or 'DE BORREL' is a monthly get together for everyone who wants to learn and practise Dutch in the ACT.

Eerste donderdag van de maand (the first Thursday of the month) everyone is welcome to the Porkbarrel on King George Terrace, Parkes opposite of Old Parliament House, Parkes, ACT from 6pm until 8pm. Many tend to come before 6pm to enjoy the great food served at this restaurant.

For more information email Irmina on or just come along and join in on the fun!

2. Dutch language in Australia

Recently the Dutch language in Australia has been under fire and, even though there appears to be plenty of interest in learning this language, there is little information on where and how to.

In order to improve the flow of information, an overview of the number of Dutch teachers in Australia is being made and an assessment of their availability and level of teaching will be conducted. If you are interested in teaching Dutch or have any information that might be useful regarding this topic please send an email to

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  1. earning to speak Dutch language is a very tricky subject, first we have to learn a lot of words and how to use them .Dutch language is the finest language spoken over the work. Learning dutch language is not much difficult . So to learn dutch we should have a great passion as well as good teacher who can teach us dutch language.
    how to speak dutch


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