Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News from the tertiary sector

Thsi information comes via LCNAU – the Languages and Cultures Network for  Australian UniversitiesNews from around the tertiary languages sector

Australian National University, 6 March 2014
Funded by the Australian Research Council, the Archive contains thousands of books in Australian Aboriginal languages produced in the Northern Territory during the era of bilingual education and now digitised with permission for public access. The Archive will be introduced with a talk entitled Aboriginal languages, literatures and technologies in the Northern Territory since the 1970s by Prof Michael Christie (Charles Darwin University). Register online.

Workshop: Engaging and enhancing the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages
Australian National University, 7 March 2014
To coincide with the 13th annual Australian Languages Workshop at ANU Kioloa, the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages project team is inviting interested linguists and language workers to a workshop to explore various possibilities for engagement with the resources in the archive and its ongoing development.Register online


Please note that the opinions expressed in the articles below do not necessarily represent the views of LCNAU as an organisation.

ANU's bilingual MOOC a hit in India
Australian Financial Review, 3 March 2014
ANANT Agarwal, president of US massive open online course provider edX, is a native Hindi speaker. He was born and grew up in India until he left for the United States to study for a masters and PhD at Stanford University.

Are musicians better language learners?
The Guardian, 27 February 2014
Children who learn music from a young age find it easier to learn languages even in adulthood, research has found.

How students are learning Gaeilge with rugbaí beo agus YouTube
Irish Independent, 26 February 2014
IT is all about taking the Irish language out of the classroom on to the dancefloor, and possibly putting the results up on YouTube.

Uni of Sydney fast tracks languages diploma
The Australian, 10 Feb 2014
INTENSIVE classes during holiday breaks will allow students to gain a Sydney University language diploma more quickly.

In simple everyday foreign languages, unis get it
Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Feb 2014
TWO universities are putting rivalry aside to save foreign language programs.

Ban on closure of strategic language courses not airtight
The Australian, 7 Feb 2014
UNIVERSITIES are unlikely to be denied permission to abandon a strategic language if a neighbouring institution is willing to pick up their students.

Funding tied to four new languages
The Australian, 5 Feb 2014
CHINESE, Japanese, Hindi and Korean have been quietly added to the list of strategic languages that universities are not supposed to abandon without government permission.

Islamic studies on the rise
Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Feb 2014
VOCATIONAL value and fascinating material attract students of all backgrounds.

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