Thursday, May 8, 2014

ACT Bilingual Education Alliance (ACTBEA) Update May 2014

CLICK HERE for more information about the following items:
  • Languages potluck in Canberra, Sunday 18 May, 11am-1pm
  • Talks to parent groups about the benefits of bilingualism and language learning
  • Vacancies in Tuesday after-school Mandarin class with the Mandarin for Fun group
  • Filipino Language School Fun Day (Sunday 18 May, 2 - 4pm)
  • A chance to contribute to the future of the annual multicultural festival (6-8:30pm Monday 5th May 2014)
  • Why not use community radio to support and encourage bilingualism in the ACT region?
  • News from bilingual programs in the ACT: Mawson Primary School (Mandarin), Yarralumla Primary School (Italian), St Nicholas Greek-Australia preschool and childcare centre (Greek)
  • Applications now open for 2014-15 participation (multicultural) grants.

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