Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Canberra Moon Festival 21 to 23 September

All welcome to this multicultural celebration with a focus on Asian food, languages and cultural activities.

  • Friday 21 September to Sunday 23 September
  • EPIC, Flemington Road, Canberra
  • Fun activities for all ages  
  • Free entry and free parking 
ACTBEA is assisting ACT Libraries to offer a number of free story telling sessions for families with young children. Here is the draft timetable

                             Saturday 22 September              Sunday 23 September

10.30  -  11.00am        Mandarin                                      Mandarin
11.00  -  11.30am        Vietnamese                                   Vietnamese
11.30  -  12 noon          Mandarin                                     Mandarin
12 noon - 12.30pm       Burmese                                       Burmese  
12.30  -  1.00pm           Hindi                                             Hindi
1.00    -   1.30pm          Indonesian                                    Indonesian
1.30    -  2.00pm           Japanese                                       Japanese
2.00    -   2.30pm          Thai                                              Thai
2.30   -    3.00pm          Literary Chinese                            Literary Chinese

For more information about the Canberra Moon Festival http://www.canberramoonfestival.com.au/

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