Monday, August 30, 2021

ANU Language Teaching Forum

'Chinese Cultural Salon’ in the low proficiency modern Chinese language courses at ANU
  • 4.15-5pm Monday 6 September, 2021
  • Online via Zoom (email for the link)
  • Presenters: Yanyan Wang, Shuyu Zhang and Huan Wu
Teaching languages online is a challenge. The challenge is especially acute when teaching lower proficiency level students during Covid when remote delivery or dual delivery modes are adopted. It has resulted in a decrease in student numbers in the entry level courses of modern Chinese. In order to promote modern Chinese language courses, especially to enhance students’ learning experience, we have set up a ‘Chinese cultural salon’ in which we introduce China, Chinese specific topics and Chinese language learning tools. In this talk, we will introduce the salon and demonstrate how it works through two topics presented in the Salon: Chinese internet buzzwords and the top ten Chinese social media.

About the ANU Language Teaching Forum (LTF)
The LTF provides a platform for language teachers and researchers in CHL, SLLL and CAIS at the ANU as well as school and community school teachers in the Canberra region to share language teaching experiences and reflections, research studies, and pedagogical practices.

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